Donald Lacy says Thanks to Color Struck participants and audience

THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO CAME TO COLOR STRUCK what a great weekend with great people and both discussions were great.. I will post more pictures as I get them.. But This one is for Friday Night after a great discussion with 3 black men I love, admire and respect.. Marvin X, Emory Douglas and John L. Burris an instant classic.. Discussion lead by Davey D on Saturday was great as well.

 Marvin X, Emory Douglas, Donald Lacy, John Burris

                               Post play panel: Tureada Mikal, Judy Juanity and Marvin X, moderated by Davey D
                                                                    The Great Donald Lacy
 Black Arts Movement co-founder Marvin X read from his play Salaam, Huey, Salaam, about his last meeting with BPP co-founder Huey P. Newton

Marvin X. Jackmon

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