Marvin X Poem for Fidel


 Fidel and Malcolm X in Harlem
Long live the revolutionary spirit of Fidel and Malcolm X!

Mandela and Fidel
Who helped South Africa's liberation, America or Fidel's Cuba? Long live Fidel, long live the Cuban revolution!
History will absolve me he said
Huey, Bobby and I studied his speech at Merritt College, 1962
read Nkrumah Mandela Lumumba Mao Che Malcolm
Elijah Garvey

Last Poets Filipe said to me and audience at NYU
Memorial for Jayne Cortez and Amiri Baraka
Marvin X you a bad motherfucker
Por favor Filipe
El Fidel is the bad motherfucker of the hour and all times
defied eleven presidents of the united snakes
Fidel  is the bad motherfucker
defied devils mafia imperialist war dogs
hundred assassination attempts
Fidel bad motherfucker
no matter his negrocities (Amiri Baraka term, he told me to acknowledge his term, don't claim it, Marvin, he said, rip)
Por favor, revolution is not a pretty thing
even the Negro revolution was not bloodless as Malcolm said
Was the blood of Malcolm a pretty thing
Blood of Martin Luther King, Jr
blood of Fred Hampton
blood of Lil' Bobby Hutton
Blood of Samuel Napier
Blood of Megdar Evers
Blood of Emmitt Till
Blood of the many thousands gone
in the woods swamps forests rivers lakes
the blood of cotton pickers
cane field cutters
rise fields slaves
African builders brought to America
Fidel bad motherfucker
Like Simon Simon Simon
liberate the Americas
Ustados Unidos no es de Americas
Ustados Unidos es Ustados Unidos
nada mas
no es Mexico Central South America

Fidel said Cuba no es Ustados Unidos
Cuba es Cuba libertad
Viva Fidel
Viva Fidel
yes no revolution is holy
Por favor America revolution had negrocities
Por favor, esclavos Africanos mucho mucho
no libertad para Africanos
hoy no libertad
Viva Fidel
He grew with African revolution
joined African revolution
no say Cubano no Africano
Fidel saluted African roots
defeated apartheid  axis America South Africa Israel
Viva Fidel
No holy man saint
liberator of Cuba
inspired liberation like Simon Bolivar
gringos go home
come back when you appreciate  justice freedom equality
Fuck Monroe Doctrine
Fuck embargo
did it work
did Cuba crumble
did Cuba submit like pitiful slaves to the gringos?
Fidel stood tall
nuts in hand
basta ya gringo
basta ya gringo
enough enough enough
sometimes it takes a devil to kill a devil
saints can'ts kill devils
no heart to kill
saints like to pray  and pray and pray
Fidel said kill kill kill your enemies opposition
classic revolution ask Stalin
ask America Ustados Unidos
don't they kill presidents in America
don't they have political prisoners
jailed since the 60s
do they live in Cuban prisons longer than prisoners in Ustados Unidos
Longer than the Angola brothers
longer than Geronimo
Longer than Ruchell McGee
Longer than Mumia Abu Jamal
Longer than Imam Jamil Alamin
Viva Fidel
Viva revolution Cubana
Viva revolution Ustados Unidos Africano Latino
Viva revolution Gringo no es rico pero esclavo tambien
Ache Ache Ache
--Marvin X/El Muhajir

Marvin X. Jackmon

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